Bliss Versioning

Bliss is now under a new versioning system, similar to many other systems.

A version consists of 4 numbers, say

7.1 is the Major/minor version number, 2 is the release number and 35 is a build number.

Major Version is a release that is significantly different or major enhancements from the previous release.  In particular, the files or output produced by this version may not work with a pervious version.  However, previous version files will work with this version.

Minor Version contains enhancements over a previous release.  An odd minor version is a stable release; an even number is a beta version.  A beta version is enhanced by adding feature and bug fixes to the release.

Release Number represents a new distribution file for Bliss that contains bug fixes and minor enhancements to the previous release. 

Build Number is a release with very minor changes; for example, corrections of spelling or change of a title.   Within a release number, the builds are functionally equivalent.


The web page now has three different downloads

1)      Release Version: Releases with the same minor version number behave similarly. Furthermore, all the bug fixes have been verified. Please report any bugs.

2)      Beta Version: Releases with the same minor version number may change how an action works. Features may be added or greatly change.

3)      Trunk Build. Feature come and go, the programs may or may not work. Do not report any bugs unless requested.

You should download the Release version unless the Beta contains something a feature of bug fix you absolutely need or you enjoy being on the cutting edge.

The trunk is built every night and copied to the web page.  It is password protected; not because it is secret but because the trunk is not for general use.  The trunk builds are used for tests on system with different configurations.

Unlike other version systems, Bliss’ Beta is rebuild every night and is copied to the web page.  This means that potentially every night is a different beta. 


The about box of every program contains the version number as well as a description. 

These are

1)      Stable Release – a release version.

2)      Beta Release – a beta version.

3)      Trunk Build – the trunk build.

4)       Development Build – a local build that should never be used.


The Trunk version is always a major version greater than the Release version.  The beta version is either a test for the trunk or the release.   If a release, the minor version is one greater than the Release version.  When the Beta becomes the Release, the Release version is one greater than the Beta.  Thus 7.1.2 release has a 7.2.7 beta and that beta will become a 7.3.1 release.