Release (Stable) Version History

First number of the file line is the size of the executable. This can be used as a good, but not perfect, check if the version you have downloaded is actually the expected version. After the file lines are comments and a list of bugs these releases fix. All higher level releases contain the fixes from the previous releases.

21535345 14 Feb 16:32 WinBliss7.1.3.48.exe

This is the initial setup for the distribution and versioning

21535603 11 Apr 2005 01:02 WinBliss7.1.4.80.exe

Fixed Bug 38, Installing Bliss does not associate ADF or WAV with MeV

17178081 10 Mar 2007 15:37 WinBliss7.3.4.185.exe

Moved the beta branch of 10 March 2007 to the Release branch