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2005 Prius Auto Phone Ripper

This program solves a very simple problem: how to import Microsoft Outlook® phone contacts into a 2005 Prius automobile if you have a phone, like Verizon, that cannot download contacts. In a nutshell, Auto Ripper will take any set of Outlook folders and tag the phone numbers with a suffix, such as (m) or (h), to indicate the type of phone number and create a vCard file. This file can then be download to the Prius using a Bluetooth enabled laptop. The program can also change the capitalization of the name according to the phone type; e.g., mobile or home.

[ Download Version 1.0 Release 2 of Auto Ripper ]  Download of program and help file, about 5 Meg.

( downloads since Feb 6, 2006)

Release 2 fixes some minor typos and adds the ability to import CSV files exported from Outlook and Outlook Express. See Help on Importing Files.

[ Download Code for 1.0 Release 1 of Auto Ripper ]  Download of source, zip format, minus the html help source.

( downloads since Feb 6, 2006)