Welcome fot the Bliss Developement Organization Page

To submit defects(bugs) or request enhancements, you must login or email me at John_Mertus@…. Please feel free to contact me about bugs, questions or enhancements. You are welcome to an account, just ask me.

Bliss is only for windows and will run in 32 or true 64 bit. The current version 9 is a rewrite of version 7 in .NET using the technologies and is just starting.

Bliss is developed by an agile programming model. This means frequence releases and nightly builds. You may download the current version at http://mertus.org/Bliss

The trunk can be downloaded from http://mertus.org/Bliss/Nightlybuilds. Be aware that it only builds if necessary and a build failure will result in no installers for that night. Moreover, features from the trunk may change.